Mar 18 2010


The fund raiser was a huge success. It went beyond anything any of us imagined.

The Bergren families can’t begin to thank everyone who contributed. Whether you donated an item, or money, or came to the event and donated by buying items, or provided your prayers (there were many, many of you who did all of those things). Paul, Gail and all the Bergren families are blessed to have such wonderful friends. The love and generosity shown by everyone was overwhelming.

From Paul and Gail, and all the Bergren families,                                                      We Love You                                                                                                GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU

Feb 14 2010

Fund Raiser Invitation Details

The Paul Bergren Family Fund Benefit


In June of 2009, Paul was diagnosed with a recurrence of Renal Cell Carcinoma. There is no known cure for this chemo and radiation-resistant form of kidney cancer.  Recently, Paul’s cancer metastasized to his femur and hip; he underwent surgery to insert a rod in his femur to strengthen it. Paul was unable to return to work after the surgery and is considered legally disabled. His medical bills will rise as time goes on and the cancer worsens.  The only income that Paul and Gail have is what they get monthly from social security. Paul is currently covered by Cobra insurance; he is not eligible for Medicare for 24 months.

Saturday, March 13*
6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Berwyn Moose Lodge
3625 S Harlem Berwyn, IL 60402



Silent Auction: – Bid on great items

Electronics, Sports Memorabilia, Tickets for Your Favorite Chicago Teams, and MORE

Raffle – Buy a Ticket to Win
Gift Baskets, Craft Items, Restaurant Certificates, and MORE

Split the Pot

$10 per Ticket or 3 for $20 – How High Will it Go?

Bake Sale

Take a Sweet Treat Home at a Bargain Price

 Donate a baked good for the sale and receive a free raffle ticket

*No alcohol will be served at this event.  Soft Drinks, Water, and Coffee will be provided.

**100% of all donations and monies from the sale of  auction tickets, raffle tickets, Split the Pot tickets and bakery goods will go directly to the Paul Bergren Family Fund.

Feb 6 2010




The friends and family of Paul Bergren are proud to invite you to participate in a fun-filled fund raiser to benefit the Paul Bergren Family Fund.

Saturday, March 13
6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Berwyn Moose Lodge
3625 S Harlem Berwyn, IL 60402


Paul moved to Wisconsin with his beloved wife, Gail, 15 years ago fulfilling his lifelong dream to live the life of an outdoorsman.  He worked hard at his full-time job to support Gail and to pursue his love of hunting, fishing, and golf.  For many years Paul was also a motorcycle enthusiast, taking cross-country trips on his Harley.


In June of 2009, Paul was diagnosed with a recurrence of Renal Cell Carcinoma. There is no known cure for this chemo- and radiation-resistant form of kidney cancer.  Recently, Paul’s cancer metastasized to his femur and hip; he underwent surgery to insert a rod in his femur to strengthen it. Paul was unable to return to work after the surgery and is considered legally disabled. His medical bills will rise as time goes on and the cancer worsens. 

He and Gail have had to sell their home – and most of their possessions – to avoid foreclosure. They recently moved back to Chicago to be close to family and friends. The only income that Paul and Gail have is what they get monthly from social security. Paul is currently covered by Cobra insurance; he is not eligible for Medicare for 24 months.


Throughout his life, Paul has been the first to lend a hand and provide loving support to his family and friends. If you have a problem, you call Paul. Those of us who know him describe Paul as a “what you see is what you get” kind of guy.   He has an upbeat personality and an outrageous sense of humor that is unmatched. Everyone who knows him loves him.

Nov 4 2009


Paul and Gail are moved into their apartment in Chicago (see previous post for address). They arrived shortly before noon on Sunday 11/1/2009 and a large group of family and friends moved Paul and Gail into their apartment. They will  take the next week or two to settle in and make everything just the way they want it.

There are so many people to thank in conjunction with this event; they are listed below in no particular order. If I missed anyone, I apologize. So many people offered to help that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of them all! Even if your help was not needed at this specific time, the offer alone meant a lot to us all.

Some of you contributed money to the Paul Bergren Family Fund. The money contributed went a long way in making the apartment a beautiful, clean, and safe place for Paul and Gail to move into.

Some of you contributed by buying or contributing decorative items, paint, food, and/or paper goods. There is nothing like the small touches to really make a place feel like home. Also, having some essentials in the pantry and fridge so they did not have to head right out to the store was a great contribution.

Some of you came and worked on the cleaning, paintin,g and renovating of the apartment. What a transformation you helped to complete! You were instrumental in making the apartment a really nice place to live.

Some of you helped with the move itself. Everyone on the Wisconsin end helped for the last month-and-a-half to go through and pack up everything that was coming with Paul and Gail to Chicago. They also had the rented trailer packed and ready to go when Glen and I arrived to make the move back to Chicago. Everyone on the Chicago end helped unload everything into the apartment and get things into place.

Here are all of the folks who contributed in one or more of the ways described above. Bruce, Al, Shane & Julie, Wade, Louisa, Hunter, Autumn, Paige, Nathan, Logan, Sarah, Chuck, David, Mike & Barb, Bonnie, Mary Lou, Kelly & Jason, Paulette, Charmaine, Holly, Donnia, Sarah, Judy, Matt, Sean, Bill, Janet, Jimmy, Michael, Brent and his helper, Reddo & Kim, Mary, Robin, Mrs. Sifner (her prayers are the best medicine), Ginnie, Nick, Kevin, Joe Wop, Dave, and Joe Sly.

There are a few  people whom I want to thank individually for their contributions:

Glen Miller. Glen drove to Wisconsin on Saturday morning, leaving his house at around 4:30am to pick me up and drive to Paul & Gail’s house in Wisconsin. We arrived at around noon and around 1:oopm we had the trailer hooked up to his truck and he drove from Paul & Gail’s to his hunting home about a hour away. Sunday morning at 4:15am he  drove back to Chicago and upon arriving around noon proceeded to help get the trailer, his truck and Paul/Gail’s car unloaded.

Glen, thanks for everything, you are truly a great friend. Your help with the move was so very important. You came through in a big way even with the sore back/ribs from your fall the night before we left for Wisconsin. The night at your hunting house and the next morning was so much fun, I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard.

My wife Victoria. Vickie went to the apartment nearly every day for 3 weeks. The first week, she was not working, so every morning by 6:00am she was headed over to the apartment and performed the initial heavy duty cleaning that the apartment so badly needed. Then over the next 2 weeks as the renovation work was being done, there she was each and every day after work and in the morning on the weekend cleaning, organizing, painting, running out to buy needed items and helping in any way she could. Her willingness to give of herself and her time was truly a wonderful thing to experience first hand.

Victoria, you are the most giving and generous person I have ever known. You are my friend and the love of my life. Day after day, you teach me how to be a better person. You are truly an amazing person and I am lucky to have you want me as your husband.

Lastly, Henry (Hank) Rasinskis. Hank & Ginnie made a tremendously generous donation to the Paul Bergren Family Fund. Then all Hank proceeded to do was perform an unbelievable renovation of the apartment. Every day for two weeks Hank went to the apartment and worked his ass off. He shopped with me (we were the perfect gay couple) and helped select everything needed for the renovation. He took down a drop ceiling in the kitchen and hallway. He ripped open the bedroom wall and installed a pocket door. He installed a new front screen door, replacing the old door that wouldn’t completely close. He patched all the ugly spots on kitchen ceiling and all the walls throughout the apartment. He removed all the old light fixtures and replaced them with new ceiling fan light fixtures. he replaced all the old 2 prong electric outlets with new 3 prong outlets and also replaced the old light switches. He replaced the front stairway light with a new motion sensor light. He pulled down ceiling tiles throughout the apartment for painting and replaced them after the painting was done. He lined up his niece’s husband (a professional carpet installer) and helped professionally lay new carpet in the  living room and 2 bedrooms. He replaced a broken and leaking pipe under the kitchen sink. He painted, hammered, sawed, screwed, secured and took care of every little and big thing that needed to be done.

Hank, on behalf of Paul & Gail, Vickie, my sisters and all our families, I want to thank you for all that you have done for Paul. Your generosity is so overwhelming, I am afraid I will never be able to repay the debt you are owed. You are truly heaven sent and we all love you. You and your family will always be remembered in our prayers. If you or your family are ever in need of anything, we are here to help.

Oct 20 2009

Paul Moving Home

Correction to the moving date – Paul will be moving here on Sunday 11/1.

The date is set. Paul is moving back to Chicago on Halloween (scary).
His new address is:
5104 S. Laramie, Ave.
Chicago, IL 60638

Oct 3 2009

A Visit Keeps Spirits High

Paul is in good spirits. He is getting around the house with the assistance of a cane; he uses a walker when is he is out and has to walk longer distances. His brother Steve visited 2 weekends ago; his sister-in-law, Gail’s, mom and sister, Mary, visited just after Steve left; Paul’s sisters Janet and Holly visited just after that; and Paul’s close friend Glen Miller also visited this past week.

Paul found an apartment in the city at 51st and Laramie. Paul and Gail are on track to move back to Chicago at the beginning of November, but a hard date is not yet set. A benefit for Paul is in the very early planning stages. The timeframe is looking like it will be late January/early February after everyone recovers from the holiday season.

Sep 17 2009

Welcome to!

Check back often for updates on Paul’s life, location, and health.

Don’t forget to visit the “About Paul” page.

Paul was recently diagnosed with cancer for the second time in his life. The cancer (Renal Cell Carcinoma) has no known cure and is very resistant to Chemo and radiation treatments. Paul’s wife Gail has also had serious health problems for the last 10 years. Until now, they were able to make ends meet on Paul’s salary and used his work insurance to fill in the gaps with what Medicare did not cover for Gail.

Well, Paul has not been able to work since the beginning of June and is now medically disabled and will not be returning to work. His medical insurance ran out at the end of August and he has had to begin paying for his own insurance via the COBRA laws (it is expensive).

Paul and Gail need financial help to pay for  insurance, medical expenses, day-to-day living expenses, and moving expenses to get them back to Chicago. They will be moving back to Chicago in the next couple of months to be close to family and friends.

A fund is set up at TCF Bank on behalf of Paul and Gail. The name of the fund is the  “Paul Bergren Family Fund“.  If anyone can afford to help out, there are 2 ways to donate:

1) You can deposit money directly into the fund account with a credit card, or transfer funds from a bank account via the PayPal  “Donate” button on this web page. Just click on the button and fill in the required information.

2) Mail checks made payable to “Paul Bergren Family Fund“  to Paul’s brother, Steve, and he will deposit them in the account.

Steve Bergren
6243 W. 63rd Street
Chicago, IL 60638

Thank you in advance for anything that you can do to help!  A fundraiser will be planned after Paul and Gail relocate back to Chicago to help them out even further.